Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Day has Finally Arrived !!!

(Disclaimer : This is my first Blog which I am not really using to vent out my frustration but to explore the Super Pakau Creative Side of Me as in PJ;) plz read it at your own risk as you might end up resembling full moon by pulling off all your hairs from their roots .... )

From the day when I read somewhere that Chetan Bhagat (my Idol) started writing his First book in office while pretending to work under his boss's nose, I too wanted to do something similar but did not get that kinda chance in my life (nor did I have guts to do so).

I tried a lot to start writing at work but my Boss never gave me chance by keeping me busy through out the day for one work or another and at times on weekends too. He was not of a kind who would breathe down your neck but he used to sit exactly behind me, So personally I did not want this activity to be my appraisal killer (also my work ethics screwed my happiness at times).

Its not that I used to work through out the day, I too used to steal out a couple of minutes checking out social networking websites and reading e-books online. But reading E-books, Checking out Blogs, Chatting, Social Networking, Online Trading, etc. can be done with umpteen amount of disturbance too not the writing stuff. I guess writing something really stupid or irritating needs complete concentration.

So today is the day when after me working here for 1 year & 7 months my boss finally took a planned leave (Yes !!! The day of my dream has finally come). I had a big smile on my face and this was the first day after 1 year & 7 months of working here, I was actually looking forward to reach work on time (obviously not to miss a single minute of my freedom @ work).

Today I picked up one of the best pair of clothes from my closet. Gelled my hair, got clean shaved, wore my glasses, polished my shoes (after 1 month approx. realized they had turned dessert brown from black) & picked up my newly acquired cell phone (Finally Joined the Touch Generation). I was singing in my heart "Baar baar din ye aaye, Baar baar Dil ye gaaye tum chutti lo har alternate week, ye meri hai aarzoo".

I was so much excited that I forgot to kiss my sleeping beauty (my wifey, I hope she did not realize it or I am a gone case once I reach home). Today all the signs were positive, I got rickshaw for kandivali station from my doorstep, The time I reached station my regular Train was waiting for me, I rushed in to grab my seat, the train was scantily occupied finally got the window seat yay (I sometimes wonder how come all the grey haired uncles who find it difficult to climb stairs to reach the platform get transformed into superman & batmans as soon as train arrives and grab hold of best seats in the compartment!!!).

As soon as I got down at Elphinstone Station and reached the bridge there was a Cabwala waiting for me (there were 3 other gals too), I without wasting any minute jumped in the cab (imagine how a fatso would look when jumping in to grab front seat of the cab). Reached office finally, looking at my beaming face (like scorching sun) couple of my colleagues instantaneously realized that I was a free bird today. But before doing all the time pass of life I was determined at finishing all the day's work before lunch (I have observed that productivity of an employee increases by 300% when his/her boss is not around) & I succeeded at it.

Fate had it and a number flashed on the screen of my phone ... the number that I was fearing for the whole day, yes you guessed it right it was him (my boss). First I thought I will ignore this call, but it did not matter cause then he might call up on my desk phone or would ask someone else to pass on a message to me. So with half heartedness I picked up his phone, obviously it was some work delegation, I thought I lost my chance to write some super pakau stuff today also but I guess God had something else in store for me.

Given the theory I explained to your earlier (300% increase in productivity) I was done with all the newly assigned work by lunch :) and pulled out time to write first blog of my life. Their is one more number flashing on my screen, no its not him but it’s my wifey calling me (can't dare to disconnect this call) so I will have to take your leave ("Haan Darling, bolo uth gayi tum, Sorry Phone uthane mein der ho gayi, waz actually discussing something really important with my colleague on this new project").

Thanks for Reading !!!! (Trust me you actually did some thankful job by reading this).

Plz post your comments.


  1. hey purvesh.. nice to see a dear friend acquiring the new field... :)
    wishing u success..

  2. Hi Purvesh

    Very nicely written, hope to read such more instances from you.



  3. puru bhai... sahi hai... really i lykd it... so carry on n ya boss gaya tel lene..heheheh al d best...

  4. Now i know what ur important meetings are when u don't answer mi calls......... but love u jaan....... good going.....few more on boss, wife and ur fav... mother-in-law and u'll soon become an established writer all the best.

  5. Thanks all for all the motivating & positive comments :) You are soon gonna see some super creative fiction (or facts !) online :)