Friday, February 5, 2010

Ek Moti Si Love Story :)

" February is the month of Love with Valentines' day round the corner thought of sharing with you a Love Story of Raj & Aashee "

This is the story about a guy & a girl in Pune who met with each other in complete Bollywood Ishtyle ...... Name of the guy is Raj & name of the Gal is Aashee ......Dunno what they were busy doing for past 20 years but were definitely destined to meet. Raj was a Dreamer and a die hard fan of Shahrukh Khan, Aashee was a matured, modern and practical gal ... she too was a die hard fan of Shahrukh Khan (no they did not bump into each other while watching Shahrukh Khan's Movie).

Meet Raj & Aashee :~

Raj used to work in a Software Company as a Software Engineer (dunno why they call people software engineer, I have never seen them working on any engine forget the softer part) was in his twenties he was not so tall, not so dark and not so handsome too, can be passed on as an average guy with beer belly. Never been in love forget asking a girl for friendship (problem with guts or confidence, definitely was not gay though) ... but was interested in online chatting and also had a couple of net friends.

Aashee used to work as a Public Relations Officer, she too was in her twenties, the age of dreams, she was gorgeous, she definitely was in the elite class and used to drive many oomphs & aahs and to top it all was all brainy too (a rare combination in gals). Aashee had many friends in life both guys n gals (but no boyfriends yet).   

Raj was workaholic and so used to spend hell a lot of time working in office never got time to have girl friends. He used to chat online from his office comp with his friends in free time and on his weekends he used to spend time with his friend Toshi at Toshi's Cyber Cafe named Yenjoy !!!.  

Destiny :~

It was a weekend, Raj got up at 11 in the morning, finished his morning chores, got dressed in T-shirt & Blue Jeans, had brunch and headed directly to Yenjoy (Toshi's Cyber Cafe). Raj was discussing with Toshi about the security of Chatting Tools, he had some how discovered the way to strip the log of a chat client through which one could know who was logged in to the chat client with details like Chat ID, the person with whom he/she chatted on a specific computer.

While they were chatting there was a girl (Aashee)who entered the Cyber Cafe was mind blowingly beautiful, but arrogant, Toshi gave her a computer to surf, in a minute's time she was back on the front desk shouting at Toshi & asked "Does any of your computer have USB Drive ?", Toshi replied "Yes Mam, why what happened?",  Aashee said "I wanted to download an image from my email account and copy it to the pen drive ?". She used the comp. wrapped her work and left the cafe in next 20 mins. Raj felt interested in her and asked Toshi to let him take her chatting ID to which Toshi denied arguing Business Ethics and Customer Secrecy ... Raj still tried coaxing Toshi but he didnt agree.

After some time Aashee returned back and said "You have all dabba computers, I had copied the image on my pen drive and now its not there" (Raj felt like asking "Agar Copy kiya tha to us File ko Zameen Nigal Gayee Ya Aasmaan Kha Gaya", but did not ask her cause she was already looking furious, her nose indicated that by turning completely red). Toshi tried to calm her down and said "Mam why don't you try once again" she agreed and marched towards the compbut luck had it and the lease line was down. Aashee came out shouting "I am getting some error message it says connection failure", Toshi said "Mam am sorry but the connection to lease line is broken, it might take 1 hour to get restored".

She was boiling like tea err sorry she was angry like a tigress now and had lost her temper, Raj thought she will ransack whole cafe (actually Aashee had some urgent business meet and the file she wanted to download was very much important for this meeting), but instead she started shouting and asked "Do you guys have door lock", Raj was wondering why is she asking about lock seems has gone crazy ??? but still answered to her question "Yes Mam we do have two of them", to which she replied "Then close your shop and lock it up, anyways you have dabba comps and a cafe without internet connection or open a bhajiya shop instead" and left the cafe banging her shoes, both Toshi & Raj were dumbstruck

Smirning Off :~

Raj said to Toshi "What kinda man are you, she royally took your case in from of other customers as if this Cyber Cafe belongs to her dad and you were quietly listening to her like her pet dog gimme her ID I will teach her a lesson", but Toshi said "Buddy its part of business, you get these kinda customers no need to take it seriously chill, but you are not gonna get her ID thats for sure". Raj tried a lot but Toshi did not give him Aashee's ID. One fine day when Raj & Toshi were Smirning Off and were almost super sentimentally drunk Toshi was sharing his love life with Raj and said "Raj there should be someone in everyones life to share your joys and sorrows with and I am lucky enough to find Isha, but Raj why don't you have any girl friends are you turning gay ?" to which Raj snapped "F***er am not gay, its just that I don't have time in life for all this crap". Toshi said "Its not crap man you won't realise that life feels like heaven once you are in love, its magical when you are talking to your beloved, it feels like heaven".

Raj thought for a while and said "Toshi you are a stud man and handsome too today gals want both money and good looking man, mere jaise fatso doesn't have any chance, also I need to meet someone worth falling in love with" (Dunno whether it was destiny, love at first sight or something else, but Raj was definitely attracted to Aashee after the Cafe incident). Toshi said "Love is not a software that you will sit and code it the way you want and would also get output of your choice, it happens just like that as in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai where Shahrukh met Rani and fell in love with her, did you ever feel like that ever in life, if yes then thats the beginning of love my friend".

Both had been drinking for a long time so both of them passed out. When they got up in the morning Toshi asked Raj "Why were you chanting Aashee...Aashee yesterday night, is this that same girl who created scene in the cafe that day?", Raj said "Yeah Man I am attracted towards her, she had some magnetic charm but now I dunno how to find her in this big town, I dont even have her contact details" to which Toshi said "I can help you with her ID, actually I have tried your procedure and had taken her ID for myself" and smirked. Raj kicked Toshi's butt hard, hugged him and was happy to get her ID.

Raj immediately got up logged in from the comp and sent a friend request to her ID with message "Hi, I am Raj from Pune, would you like to be my friend?". After putting forward this friendship request Raj used to check daily for updates but there was no friendship request confirmation from Aashee's end. Finally he gave up and carried on with life.

Suddenly one day he saw the friendship confirmation and also an offline message with "hi" from Aashee's ID. Raj was happy (his heart said "Aaj Khush to bahut hoge tum hain ?") to see this message and he replied "Thanks Aashee for accepting my friendship request" and pat he got the reply (luckily she was online) "Hi, how do you know my name? who are you? do I know you?".Raj replied "I will tell you the truth if you don't get angry, I met you at the cyber cafe that day and being a software engineer managed to steal your ID", Ashee said "You didnt' do the right thing by stealing my ID but as you are honest we might as well be net friends". That day they chatted for four hours (The Cupid had started his work).

Jab They Met :~

As was destined they both had many common likes & dislikes so were soon very good friends. After chatting for 3 months they still did not each other. Raj wanted to meet her but due to one or other odd things coming up on weekends he was not able to keep up the dates. One fine day Aashee asked Raj to alteast login with Web-Cam so that she can see him (Raj had already told Aashee about the Cafe Incident and also mentioned how beautiful she was looking in the angry mode). Raj logged in with the Web-Cam and Aashee was definitely impressed (coz in web-cam only upper part was visible and beer belly was not:))

Finally the d day arrived and Raj & Aashee met each other. They decided to go for a long drive on the highway. It was an amazing ride both of them were having time of their life riding bike on the highway in chilly winter evening. Once they reached the Joint @ Highway, Raj ordered two cups of espresso coffee with fries coz there nothing's more comforting than a cuppa coffee in chilly winter at the open air cafe also Raj ordered coffe coz when ever Raj used to ask Aashee "Where would you like to catch up ?" She always used to key in this song in the chat window "Tere Sang Ek Simple Si Coffee bhi Treat Jaisi Hai"

While talking to Aashee, Raj was sure that Aashee too had fallen for him, but did not dare to discuss this in the first date fearing losing her. After talking with each other for about two hours Raj said "Lets Leave, I guess you are getting late and anyways its already 10 so its better that we start heading home". And they both got up from the table started walking towards the exit holding each others' hands, Raj was feeling ecstatic and same feeling was shared by Aashee. While parting at home Aashee asked Raj "When will we meet again ?", Raj the dumb ass replied "We will catch up in a week or fortnight maybe" .... But trust me guys from that day on there was not even a single day when they didn't meet each other.

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  1. I've seen your previous posts also,through out the narrative style is witty and interesting.The story also..we didn't see that girl but we can visualise her and the scene. you've narrated in such a way.keep writing..

  2. Ewww...Definitely not a good read for a-I-hate-Shahrukh-Khan-and-Karan-Johar-not-only-becoz-they-are-gay-but-mainly-becoz-they-don't-live-in-the-real-world!

  3. @ Krishna : Thanks for the feedback
    @ Rashida : You didn't like the story or itz just bcoz u hate Shahrukh ???

  4. No. And Yes.
    No - because your writing style is great and engrossing but the story is okish .... and it seems straight out of a SRK or KJo script reading...
    Yes - i just can't stand these kind of happy ending stories, keeps reminding me how disgusting SRK is...
    BTW - How many people do you know in the real world that have had such amazing luck??

  5. Well I loved the write up.Nothing could have been a better valentine and anniversary gift for me love.... I know where it has come from....... love you........ never thought that a first casual online hi would result in the most beautiful relation of my life...

  6. Am Touched DJ you are gonna get an O'Sum Gift sooooooooooooon .........