Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's in a Name ?

"What's in a Name? That which we call a Rose by any other name would Smell as Sweet :~ William Shakespeare"

Whatz there in name or as we often say in Hindi Naam Mein Kya Rakha Hai ..... I strongly differ with this and would say Naam Main Bahut Kuch Rakha Hai (say for eg. there are alphabets, there is first name, middle name, last name etc..) there is lot of stuff dependent in your life that is driven by name, otherwise organizations would have started calling their employees by their emploee ids instead of name.

Names can either make you famous or can even make you feel embarrassed 'check with any college going guy how would he feel if he would have been named as Jamnadas, am sure he would prefer being called as Jammy'. Further more abbreviated names or short names can put you in rather funny situation (kinda Mr. D. K. Bose), as in if my name's short form is PJ ..... am game with it coz am anyways fond of cracking PJ's but it does put many people either in embarrassing situation or in a catchy situation. I had a manager whose name was shortened to MJ 'he was not even distantly related to Michael Jackson, neither by looks nor by any other characteristics'.

My wifey is very fond of her maiden name ... her maiden name is Dimple Kapadia, yeah am serious 'like you even I thought she was joking when we met for the first time, cause I also felt like saying My Name is Khan ... Shahrukh Khan heheheh'. I was not too much surprised though coz in those days people used to keep names of their sons & daughters alike to their favorite movie star for eg. Amitabh as in Amitabh Bacchan, Dev as in Dev Anand, Rajesh as in Rajesh Khanna, etc. My Grand Parents had also followed the suit and had named my father 'Jeetendra' and my mom 'Asha'.

I have been put in tricky situations many times because of this name game .... Once when me & my wife had gone to near by bank for opening a joint savings account, the representative offered to fill in form on our behalf, he filled in my details and asked for my wife's name as mentioned in PAN Card, I said "Dimple Kapadia" he got irked staring questioningly at us from his soda bottle glasses and said "Sir kyun mera mazaak uda rahe ho ... why are you making fun me ?". We had to furnish her PAN Card to prove and convince him that we were not making fun of him.

All this Bollywood name business had put me in trouble, once when I was in my schooling days, I used to stay in Chandrapur. It was vacation time, my results were out & I had cleared VIIth grade and had to join high school after two months. I had gone to my aunt's place for lunch with my mom and younger brother. After wrapping up lunch & evening snacks we were almost set to leave home. My aunt had asked her driver to drop us home by car. Before leaving for home my  mom had already spent 30 minutes while saying bye to aunt 'still they both were not content with their gossip, I guess it went on for 20 more minutes', in the mean while I was chatting with my Aunt's driver.

My aunt's drivers' name was Mukunda, he was a young chap and was recently engaged, I was fooling around with him and asked him, so did you get photo of your fiancee, he replied gladly took off his wallet from back pocket and said "yup see this span of hers, howz does she look ?" I said "Looks quiet decent, how come she agree to marry you ?", to which he got all excited and said in a loud tone "Hai na ekdum Sridevi Jaisi ?, Doesn't she look like Sridevi ?", I said "I didn't get you", this time he replied in louder voice "Hai na ekdum Sridevi Jaisi ?, Doesn't she look like Sridevi ?", I smiled and nodded in agreement.

At that time I did not know that this smile was going to cost me way too much. While we were discussing about Mukunda's wife, my new teacher for grade VIIIth was passing by, she came close to me and asked me "You study in Mount Convent, isn't it ?", I said "Yes Ma'am, I just cleared and am going to join VIIIth grade, in fact I am going to join you class", Her eyes went blood red and asked me my residential address and other contact details.

That's when I realised the confusion that was created, Her name was Sridevi and when Mukunda was talking about his wife, my teacher felt that we were making fun of her and passing lewd remarks. I was shit scared when I realised it, I tried to convince her and explain her the situation but she wouldn't listen to me and was adamant to complain it to principal, finally my mom and aunt came to my rescue and she spared me.

After reading this would you still say "Whatz in a Name ?"

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