Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dieting !!!!

“Better start Dieting rather than Die Eating !!!” ;– St. PJ

Last year I had promised myself that I am gonna quit smoking and successfully did quit, but how can one quit eating ??? Don’t people know that food to human body is like Petrol is to a car (I know nowadays cars work on CNG, hydrogen, batteries etc… too).

I am a Janee & Janee’s are known foodies, and I ain’t doing anything different than following the foodie parampara of The Great Janee Khandaan, there definitely is something gujjulicious about us (btw I guess all the gujjus or rather gujju Brahmins are foodies). We eat vegetarian, but we are fond of eating variety of vegetarian edible food products.

If you are a foodie then definitely you would be a bit healthy (healthy is also used as a synonym of fatso these days though ;)). I wasn’t this healthy from my childhood, all these fatty walls started building up after I was administered various medicines for Typhoid.

The world does not care about it though. I don’t know what is world's problem with my being fatty, They don't feed me, are they jealous coz am married to a very beautiful, fit & intelligent girl inspite of me being fatty or they are jealous bcoz they can’t have a super built up like me ??? (these lines were intentionally written to make my wife happy).

I had gone to a nearby mall last weekend accidentally met my old colleague, he started to press my tummy and said “Purveshbhai you have put on lot of weight haan ! plz do something about it” (WTF …. I felt kinda molested … yeah molested … its kinda fondling over grown mammary glands of some super hot gal whom you would have met after a couple of years). That bugger was giving me gyaan when he himself had a tummy bigger that 9 month pregnant lady with twins.  

The whole world around me was either doing GM diet or had joined some kinda gym or yoga classes, my brother-in-law had lost kinda 15 kgs after pretti slim (he had even suggested my wifey to gift me membership to pretti slim weight reduction programme as a birthday gift), my mom too had started yoga & dieting. She had managed to lose 7 kgs in a month’s time !!!!!! Thatz what filled me with some confidence & I decided that I too would prove to this merciless world, that I too can be in Shape (not that I ain’t in shape now, I'm in shape … Round is a shape... isn't it?).

After the agonizing un-shopaholic experience and the molesting I told you about, I started dieting, a self prescribed one though. I started with a Fruit diet. I have my breakfast of 3 to 4 marie light digestive biscuits with 0% Transfats & 0% Cholesterol (I am also gonna stop eating Chole … I guess it has got too much of Cholesterol). I eat my lunch @ work (which is not too tasty so you naturally end up eating less). I eat only fruits for dinner (not more than 250 gms). After 7 days of starting this diet, I started feeling more energetic, no seriously.

I was all hunky dory but the problem was on weekends, I was in super dilemma, the problem was what to have as biting with beer?, You can have beer…. Its barley water with alcohol or can have Vodka which is made out of grains (atleast thatz what the label says) … preferably orange or green apple so that you can have fruits as biting and fruit juices as mixers. You can also have diet colas if you want ;)

So here I am sipping on Smirnoff Apple Twist mixed with Apple Juice and having grapes and apple for biting while writing my blog on dieting for beginners. I guess I would have lost some 200 gms while you are reading this one :)

I hope you to realize the value of healthy body / healthy soul soon & stop growing horizontally :) I know diet food is not so tasty one but you can always develop taste (like you would have developed taste for the kinda food that your wife cooks).

Happy Dieting ……… Be Fitter not Fatter !!!!!!!

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