Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy B'day to Me !!!

"Happy B'day to Me !!!"

This birthday (12th March 2010) my wifey made it very ispecial for me. She gifted me what I wanted for past many B'days. A Family re-union :) (not that we are separated by heart, just by distance of miles between Rajkot & Mumbai)

Even being the month of March (Finance & Insurance industry guys know how the situation is in and around march) my generous boss permitted me to take a day off on my birthday :) (this is not to flatter my boss, its indeed heartfelt).

Me & my wifey were initially planning to visit either Ambaji or Mahabaleshwar (wifey had managed a day off for my b'day well in advance), but then suggested "Why not to go to Rajkot and celebrate it with Mom & Dad, Adit is already there for his exam preparations?", thatz what I too wanted to do but thought might not get the tickets in such a short notice.

I checked for tickets online and got two tickets for my journey towards Rajkot via Ahmedabad through Shatabdi Express. Return journey was a problem, tickets were not available and as it was a surprise trip, I was not able to ask anyone to book tickets for return journey, but then I asked Adit to try and get return tickets booked in Tatkaal through an agent after he promised not to reveal my planz to Mom n Dad (luckily he managed to keep the secret as well as got the tickets arranged, in two different coaches though).

I waz way too excited for this family re-union. I finally reached Rajkot and it was way too precious to see the surprised & happy look at my Mom's & Dad's face :) I got a bit senti tooo. After freshening up we went to Imperial Palace for my B'day Party, a close knitted family affair. Sorry all the cousins & frenz for lieing to you ;) and not inviting you all. I will definitely repay for it sooooooon.

My B'day Cake ....... Yummy !!!

 My Paa

My Wifey & Mom (Two most beautiful women of my life)

Me & Adit (Adit had gained lot of weight due to ma ke haath ka khana)

We also went out for some shopping for me and our new house, as always we got something for our new house but not for me (all I got waz XXL slim fit clothes that won't fit me). Anyways I guess I need to keep a check on my weight now (my mom too has lost around 7 kgs in past 1 month !!!).

Finally even though I didn't wanna come back to Mumbai (was definitely jealous of Adit, coz he was gonna enjoy himself to the core @ Rajkot with Maa ke haath ka khana and all), I pulled my self and started my journey to Mumbai. I got some Rajkot ka pedas for my colleagues.

I didn't have proper sleep while coming back to Mumbai, There were two reasons why I was awake 1st that the train was shaking a way bit too much & 2nd that I was reading "The Immortals of Meluha" by Amish Tripathi, the book is so amazing that I was not able to put it down (btw its @ no.4 in Crossword Bestsellers list as checked yesterday).

The next day I was all dressed in new clothes & all as I knew that there is gonna be cake cutting & all @ work. My boss had got it well orchestrated. So it was kinda all Fun no Work on a Monday YAY !!!

Cake Cutting

Offering Cake to my Boss (Mandar)

Colleagues smashed cake on my face

I was gifted "The Professional" by Subroto Bagchi by our National Head, Murali Boss

I ordered Kirti College ka Vada Pav (the ones with Chura & Vada .... definitely yummy !!!) & had fun.

This birthday was indeed special, both with my Family @ Rajkot & another family @ Work in Mumbai. It was also celebrated @ The Tripathi's Place during our monthly get together, don't have those snaps with me now, shall upload them once I get them.

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