Friday, May 14, 2010

PJs Remixed Again .......

Last weekend I had gone to watch Iron Man 2 with my wifey and had put it as my status message on Facebook & Twitter, what I forgot was that Purab is also added to my friends list and it was obvious that he had commented something that was Super Pakau ....

Following was my status message on Facebook :

Purvesh Janee : "Me & Wifey @ Fame Inorbit watching Iron Man 2 .... Whatay Fun ... !"
Comments Received :

Purab : "O my God ! Such a waste of time & money, You could have watched it for free..."
HeMan : "I am upset you don't have time to meet HeMan, but have enough time to watch Iron Man !!!"
Ron : "I too wanna watch it lemme know your review"
Harsh : "Better watch Loh Purush instead"
Purvesh Janee : @ HeMan we will catchup next weekend for sure for yaaran da tashan
                         @ Ron am lovin it :)
                         @ Harsh Loh Purush ??? is it Iron Man dubbed in hindi ?
                         @ Purab why waste of money ??????? Is it already out on DVD ?
Purab : "If you & DJ wanted to watch Iron Man 2 you should have hopped in @ my home, The Man who Irons my clothes has hired an assistant so now they are Iron Man 2 ... LOL"
Purvesh Janee : "Jai Ho ! Pakau Purab ki"

Thats how Purab is ... full of pakau stuff, I met him after some days on our usual stress bursting session following a couple of weekends, he was full of non-sense as always, The topic of discussion somehow swifted towards creative advertisements specially the zoo zoo ads by Vodafone.

Purab pitched in and said "I like these ads very much but this is not fair friends, they call these animated characters Zoo Zoos but I don't spot any Animals in there ...... nor do they wear any animal print on their clothes". Purab the unstoppable was interrupted by Sagar, Sagar said "Please stop your non-sense, will you ? What do you know about advertisements & advertisement industry in general ? It takes lots of effort to create the dream world".

Purab the prompt non-sense creator said "Sagar this is not fair, this is not the way you pull someone down, I am hurt" and asked all of us "If Sagar wanted to say no in a creative & melodious manner which song would he sing ???", We all scratched our head but didn't get an answer defeated we asked him "Sorry Purab we give up can you please help us with the answer ?", Purab in his ridiculous best said "Sagar should have sung .... Saagar ki Naa Re ......Dil ye Pukaare ....". Sagar was almost gonna beat him black and blue but we some how managed to save Purab from Sagar.

Looking at our irritation Purab's face glowed with a utmost sense of achievement and satisfaction, Purab the unstoppable continued with his ideas on the ads & said, "If I ever get a chance to make Ad for TaTa NaNo, I am gonna use either of these songs ... "

Situation A & Song A) A middle class boy buys a TaTa NaNo and tries to woo a girl, the girl smiles at this guy and this song plays on the radio ..... Nano Mein Sapna ……. Sapne Me Sajna ….. Sajna Pe Dil Aa Gaya ……  

Situation B & Song B) The Guy & Girl get married and go for a long drive on the highway in the same TaTa NaNo ..... this time the song plays on Radio ... NaNo ki Chaal Hai .... Makhmali Haal Hai .... Teri NaNo Meri NaNo .... TaTa NaNo Re .....

The irritation level was building up in all of us, Sagar had already fainted, we were somehow praying to God to help us stop this non-sense, but I guess God the ultimate savior was on Vacation ..... all of us had made up our mind of not inviting Purab in next Stress Bursting session as it was more like a Stress Building session with his presence.

Purab laughed his heart out and refilled his glass of Cocktail and continued his non-sense and said "There was this Earth day celebrated last month all across the world .... I too contributed a one liner message - 'Don't Shave Trees from Earth ... Save Earth', am now trying to approach Gillette to sponsor this campaign".........

After reading the above post if you feel same disgust as we had please leave a comment on this blog ......... For more non-sense keep visiting !!!!!


  1. I think this guy.. Purab is a creative guy... you should appreciate his talent... :)

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