Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vikram aur Vetaal !!!

I did not have any pending assignments today to complete, neither was there any new project lined up with any deadlines, definitely a pleasant day to work and to top it all my Boss had planned to take a day off. What more could anyone ask for ????

I did what everyone would in this situation ….. Full on Time pass with no one watching my back and thought of logging on to Wikipedia and checking out some topics to wail out time. As soon as the page loaded a colleague of mine punched on my shoulder and said with a huge grin & jealousy dripping on his face “Lucky Bugger it seems there is no one clinging on your back today!”

I dunno why but his comment reminded me of Vikram & Vetaal (kinda Vetaal clinging on Vikram’s back) and I punched it in the search box. It took me to the page with details about Vikram & Vetaal tales and there were many similarities which could be observed in a Boss and Subordinate relationship when compared with these tales. At times the reportee plays Vetaal and Boss plays role of King Vikram and at time it’s the exact opposite.

When the reportee is doing full on time pass (kinda vetaal hanging upside down on the tree), Boss grabs him and gives new project or some kinda work.

When the reportee is working on some project, Boss does the role reversal and starts playing role of a Vetaal asking multiple questions (relevant as well as irrelevant ones) and if any of the answers remains unanswered or is not answered correctly the reportee has had it ! 

There are many more similarities but I would keep it for you to figure it out & post it in comments if you wish to.


  1. Like Vikram having to reach his target, your boss has his target to meet and he cannot do without the Betaal! Ironically, bosses may or maynot that get that promotion - all depends on the subordinates(Betal) not Vikram!

  2. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, you've missed out the part where the Vetal just flies off AFTER his time pass is done with Vikram ..... !!

  3. I feel both of them keep on switching roles .......