Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Workplace ~ Dos & Don'ts !

Workplace Dos & Don'ts !

I have spent many years reading management books where I learnt so many things, behaviors, dressing sense, work, work culture, tools, skills and so many similar traits needed to be successful in one’s career. What I did not learn was what not to do at work. I thought of around 10 things which one should not do at work place and penned them down :

1.      Your desk is for work, not for playing Tabla, Drum or any other noise making instruments either with your hands or using Pens or Staplers, this habit of yours could be irritating and disturbing others who are genuinely working. Also no one is interested to know how well you sing, so please sing in mute mode.

2.      Work Desk needs to be clean and tidy. It should not be all messed up, instead of work documents it should not be full of crumbs that you might be snacking sometime back neither is it for spilling coffee or other liquid on your laptops or keyboards.

3.      Email ID is provided to enable faster and smoother official communication and not for forwards or personal usage, you can create a personal email account for all non business activities.

4.      There are teams in an organization and if you are part of team, do remember that your colleagues too have their own work to do, so avoid delegating work to them that you were supposed to do, also avoid wasting their time gossiping every now and then.

5.      Always remember that deadline is the date when project is expected to be completed on and not project initialization date as is assumed always.

6.      Cafeteria is meant to have food and is not a place for gossiping, try to finish your meal asap and get back to work, remember that you are in cafeteria to have you meal during break and it’s not a restaurant where you are hanging around with friends. Also avoid talking to anyone while you are chewing food, no one is interested to see how food looks like once chewed in your cavernous mouth.

7.      Meeting Rooms are meant for work related meetings not for personal chit chat, attending personal interviews or talking/getting fired by your girlfriend/wife over the phone.

8.      If the company allows you to attend to personal calls at work on your cell phone, try to use it during breaks, also please keep sober ringtones while being at work place which are not loud. Noisy and irritating ringtones like “Dekha hai pehli baar, saajan ki aankhon mein pyaar” or any of He-Mess Reshammiya kind of songs can put you in an embarrassing situation, if you forget your cell phone on the desk and it rings when you are away from it or are attending any meeting and forgot to put your cell phone on silent mode.

9.      You should never ever say ‘No’ to any kind of work assigned to you by your team members or any colleagues, do it if you like it, if do not like it delegate it but never say ‘No’.

10.  The Internet Facility is provided for business related activities and not to read Blog Posts, chatting, sending personal emails or surf Social Networking Sites, you can do all these at home at your personal expense.

Feel free to add more things to the list which you feel should not be done at workplace in comments section, follow them at your own risk :)


  1. If we do not do all the things mentioned above, work will be boring :D

  2. @ Gaurav agree but the intensity should be low

  3. Good Post!

    Gyaan baat ne keliye achha rehata hai..But not for self!!!

  4. I do not agree with any of these, except the desk-related things. We are here to work but also to enjoy our work. And all the remaining stuff mentioned above helps to enjoy our work and to de-stress.

  5. @Guru seems I have had the worst of colleagues in past ;p