Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back to Powailion

The day is starting a bit early these days as I start my work from 7’o clock in the morning, to reach on time I need to wake up at 5:30 am. There are many positive sides to waking up early other than the usual health thingy and one of them is you no longer need to face Mumbai’s peak hour traffic either on my way to work or on my way back home, which also means saving precious 2 hours of commuting time daily.

Life has been so far so good in 2011 beginning with the end of me travelling by Mumbai Local (which obviously was worse than travelling by poultry van).  Life comes full circle after 5 years and am back in the plush area of Hiranandani – Powai, it was my first day in Mumbai and this was the place where I had first stepped in for working with a BPO, but this time am well prepared to face challenges thrown by life (almost felt like Vijay Deenanath Chauhan - Amitabh Bachchan in Agneepath while standing in front of that BPO office). Things have changed a lot, life has changed a lot, and the surroundings have changed a lot. I am now a certified Mumbaikar.

I however am travelling on my journey back home by these new Kinglong A/C. Buses which are luxurious and very comfortable with seats almost empty as I travel mostly during off peak hours. I would strongly recommend anyone who is tired to drive at work to start travelling by these buses coz they are comfy as well as easy on your pocket and you can as well utilize the time either connecting to friends via social network, work on your way or can spend quality time reading books or listening to music.

One thing that’s common in these buses and Mumbai local trains are Gujjubhais, who continue to yell on top of their voice while talking on phone or conversing with their fellow co-passengers.

Monday, February 14, 2011

How to get a Dream Job ?

"Kari Kari ne No Kari Enu Naam Nokri" (Done Done and Not Done is known as Job Done) – Gujju Saying

I was pretty excited today coz it was Friday night which also meant time for Yaaran Da Tashan (Beer Party). I bathed, got dressed in comfortable clothes and was on my way to have fun.

We met at friend’s pad whose parents were gonna be outta town over the weekend. His room was nicely decorated with mood lighting, his newly bought LED TV which was tuned on NDTV Good Times showing “Highway on my Plate” hosted by Rocky & Mayur followed by Tata DoCoMo Ad where there is a guy who lands up job on his own terms and conditions.

I was tired all because of days work and was looking forward for stress bursting session. Our Stress bursting session meant discussing anything randomly with PJs thrown in accompanied by munching and loads of booze. Someone commented “If I get Rocky & Mayur kinda job to do, I would never ever crib about my life or for that matter my job and if not then maybe get some new job in a way which this Tata DoCoMo guy managed to grab that dream job”.

This comment lead to a pretty weird discussion, after couple of drinks, I said “Hey, how about starting a different kind of Job Consultancy something similar to Marriage Bureau ?”. To which other’s said “You’re drunk or what, kya bakwaas kar raha hai ?”. I said “No friends am serious, people crib about their job only because they land up in one which does not meet their expectations, if they get job in the field they are passionate about on their terms then why would people complain ?”.

After a brief drunk brain storming session, we zeroed in on collecting following details from the candidate :

Name : Name, that he/she chooses to be called. Not mandatory that it needs to match with his birth certificate (as is the case with movie stars).

Gender : His/her own gender and the gender he/she would prefer to work with, in the team.

Janma Kundali : Candidate’s Janma Kundali would be mandatory so that it can be matched with his/her future boss’s Kundali and all the Grah Shanti and other similar rituals will be offered as a package for better future of Candidate & his/her Boss.

Likes : A list of hobbies he/she pursues and the kind of way in which he/she would like to be treated by his seniors and peers.

Dislikes : A list of things the candidate dislikes and the behaviours which the candidate does not like.

Passion / Areas of Interest : List of things which the candidate is passionate about or the kind of work that interests the candidate.

Dream Holiday Destinations : List of Dream Holiday destination where the candidate would prefer to go for company outings, offshore assignments or business meetings.

Resume : A Copy of resume with a list of good and bad experiences the candidate has had with previous work areas.

No. of Work Hours Preferred : Number of hours the candidate would like to work in a day.

No. of Breaks Preferred : Number of Breaks and Type of Breaks preferred by the candidate (eg: 3 hours break in a 8 hrs work day and break types as in tea break, loo break, smoke break, work break, gossip break, personal phone call break, etc...)

No. of Weekdays Preferred : Number of days which should be kept as weekdays (Monday is obviously not a preferred choice).

No. of Holidays Preferred : Number of Public holidays and paid leaves preferred by the candidate.

Type of Food Preferred : The Candidate needs to mention this elaborately cause as they say good food is key to man’s heart. This list would help to analyse if the organisation has the cafeteria which provides food as per the candidate’s preference.

Basic Amenities Desired : The Candidate must provide a list of basic amenities that he/she expects in his/her future place of work. (eg: To & Fro Transport Facility, PC with admin access, Internet Access with Personal Email and Social Networking Sites, should be allowed to carry camera phones, should be allowed to connect personal devices like Pen Drives, Smart Phones, etc.).

Salary Required : Non-negotiable Salary expected by the candidate with a brief list of perks and incentives desired.

Gender of Boss : Whether the reporting manager needs to be male/female, so that based on gender preference and compatibility a desired job could be identified (there are people who are not comfortable working with reporting manager of opposite gender).

Background Check : This would be a paid service where background check would be done of future reporting manager & organisation, so that there are no surprises when a person joins in.

Pen down if you have something more to add to the above list in comments box ........