Saturday, July 23, 2011

|| Parallel Lives ||

Hi Friends ! Parallel Lives my first short story earlier posted on the blog is now available in the Amazon Kindle Store as a Kindle Ebook and can be downloaded from here :

The Short Story would be available for Free download during promotional days - Sundays and on all days for Kindle Prime Members ! Prime members can even download and lend it for free :)

Excerpt from the Story :

‘Hey ! When did you return from Mumbai ?, I thought you were on a month long vacation, why did you come back in two weeks ?, Couple of days back you said that Ryan had offered you a role to head the office our company was thinking about opening in India, you were pretty excited and wanted to opt for it, how come you suddenly canned your trip and return to Singapore ?, is everything alright back home ?’ Kabir as usual threw series of questions without waiting for any answers from his friend Dev.

Dev replied without looking at Kabir, frantically typing something on his Laptop ‘Kabir, Let me wrap up my work first, I am working on something really urgent, we will discuss it over drinks tonight, let's have dinner together at my place, and I’ll answer all your questions’. Kabir strongly felt that something had definitely gone wrong during his friend’s India trip, but then he chose to wait till evening.

Click Here to Download the Kindle Ebook :

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