Saturday, March 31, 2012

Forbidden Fruit

Hi Friends ! Forbidden Fruit my short story earlier posted on the blog is now available in the Amazon Kindle Store as a Kindle Ebook and can be downloaded from here :

The Short Story would be available for Free download during promotional days - Sundays and on all days for Kindle Prime Members ! Prime members can even download and lend it for free :)

Excerpt from the Story :
Past twenty four hours were part of the most precious ones I would've lived in my entire life. 

I did have a great time yesterday but then, why was I feeling as if I had committed some kind of a crime or as if I was guilty? Having lived the fantasy and craving that I had for long in life is not crime for god’s sake!

Well! I tried reasoning a lot between the battle of morals that was going on between my heart and logical brain, heart felt I didn’t do anything for which I need to feel guilty for but the all so reasoning moronic brain was against my heart and felt that I shouldn’t have crossed my limits!

This conflicting chain of thoughts was broken by Pearl, who was undoubtedly more beautiful than the shining Pearl necklace that she had worn. It felt as if queen of the Fairies from fairyland chose to visit earth wearing a Star studded Purple dress with tiny twinkling stars. 

She called for my name while checking a watch at Lifestyle watches section, while I was busy checking out some exotic fragrances “Avi, please come here, see this watch, isn’t it an awesome piece of work? Try it out on your wrist let me see how it looks”

“It’s nice but then why are you buying a Men’s watch?” I wondered whether she was buying it for me as a gift!

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